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In recent years there has been an increased thrust to understand and quantify the complex information conveyed by medical images. Developing modern computational techniques that offer the potential for extracting diverse and complex information from imaging data and applying these to a plethora of clinical studies is crucial. These techniques not only support precise quantification but also overcome the limitations of subjective visual interpretation. Furthermore, these methods can facilitate finding specific markers that relate to pathologies as well as aid in treatment planning.

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Testosterone administration affects 1H-MRS metabolite spectra in transgender men. Sarah Collet*, Sourav Bhaduri, Meltem Kiyar, Tibbert Van Den Eynde, Antonio Guillamon, Guy T’Sjoen, Sven C. Mueller

Statistical model-based computational biomechanics: applications in joints and internal organs Authors:Bhushan Borotikar*, Tinashe E. M. Mutsvangwa, Shireen Y. Elhabian, Emmanuel A. Audenaert

Synthesis and Properties of Oxygen-Deficient Cobalt Oxide Nanocubes for Supercapacitor Application Authors:Dhananjaya Merum, Rosaiah Pitcheri, Venkateswarlu Gonuguntla, Sang Woo Joo

Design and Analysis of an Inductive Coupling System for the Early Detection of Heart Failure Authors:Raghavendiran Krishnamurthy Venkataramani, Krithikaa Mohanarangam, Jongmin Lim, Ke Yu, Venkateswarlu Gonuguntla, Jun Rim Choi

Dynamic multi feature-class Gaussian process models Authors: Jean-Rassaire Fouefack, Bhushan Borotikar, Marcel Lüthi, Tania S Douglas, Valérie Burdin, Tinashe EM Mutsvangwa