1. SERB Grant of DST, Govt of India
  2. Title: Advanced Network Analysis of the Structural Connectome of human brain

    Financial Outlay: 25.88L

  1. DBT Grant, Govt of India
  2. Title: Investigating the effects of age of onset on the structural connectome in essential tremor through High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI

    Financial Outlay: 58.39L

  1. SPARC Grant of MHRD, Govt of India, with University of Pennsylvania, USA
  2. Title: Multimodality Neuroimage Analysis for Brain Pathologies

    Financial Outlay: 60.98L

  1. CSRI Grant of DST, Govt of India
  2. Title: Characterizing cognitive decline and dementia in Parkinson's disease via high resolution multimodal MRI analysis

    Financial Outlay: 52.88L

  1. SERB CRG Grant of DST, Govt of India
  2. Title: Comprehensive subtyping using radiogenomic signatures in glioblastoma

    Financial Outlay: 79.24L

  1. Dr. Madhura Ingalhalikar is awarded the DUO India Professor Fellowship 2020 with Mr. Petri Toiviainen of University of Jyvaskyla, Finland