Symbiosis Center for Medical Image Analysis

In recent years there has been an increased thrust to understand and quantify the complex information conveyed by medical images. Developing modern computational techniques that offer the potential for extracting diverse and complex information from imaging data and applying these to a plethora of clinical studies is crucial. These techniques not only support precise quantification but also overcome the limitations of subjective visual interpretation. Furthermore, these methods can facilitate finding specific markers that relate to pathologies as well as aid in treatment planning.

Building on this background, the objectives of this center are as follows: (1) development of novel computer-based image analysis methods and their application to a wide variety of clinical research studies (2) Translating the techniques to the clinic thereby aiding early diagnosis and understanding of the underlying pathology.

Currently, the center focuses on neuroimaging (MRI) and breast imaging (ultrasound). Image analysis methodologies include volumetric analysis, diffusion MRI processing and analysis, structural and functional connectomics, statistical learning in imaging, radiomics, population based analysis and deep neural networks for image classification. In future, the center plans to diversify research to image analysis of various organs and include multiple modalities in imaging.

Facilities and Equipment: Our hospital located in the building next to us will soon house a 3T MRI scanner with a complete research agreement.

Our computational research lab is equipped with

  • Nvidia GPU workstations
  • 8 core -workstations with 128 GB RAM.
  • 22 inch high resolution monitors
  • Subscription to Amazon Web Services for renting computational units.
  • CDAC BRAF access for parallel processing
  • Small Library